Good Friends Lyrics Maren Morris

[Verse 1] Sometimes I don’t understand you, sometimes you don’t understand me Bridges are burning all over, but not on our street Sometimes you take me for granted, sometimes I can be backhanded But you got my back, while I’m holding your hand What else do we need? [Chorus] ‘Cause we’re good friends, we don’t … Read more

No Love Song Lyrics Key Glock

[Intro] (Ayo, AIM) (Blazer Outta Spaceship) (Tady, pop your shit) G-lock, yeah I been on my “Fuck the world” shit lately, dawg You know what I’m talkin’ bout? Fuck everybody and everything Everybody be on fuck shit I ain’t never been a fuck nigga, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s why I be like, “Fuck … Read more

Toofan Lyrics – KGF 2

Samundar Mein Lahar Uthi Hai Ziddi Ziddi Hai Toofan Chattane Bhi Kanp Rahi Hai Ziddi Ziddi Hai Toofan Ziddi Hai Ziddi Hai Toofan Tu Kya Main Kya Hatja Hatja Toofan Toofan Khada Seena Thok Kar Takkar Se Toofan Toofan Ude Dhoom Dhaam Bhide Patthar Se Toofan Toofan Ek Lahar Foote Fatte Bhitar Se Toofan Toofan … Read more